Lip Fillers/Augmentation

Lip fillers

Lip augmentation or lip fillers are the best way to achieve fuller lips with immediate results.  Using no needle techniques, this means pain free and minimal swelling, what you see is what you get.

At Luxe Visage, we use hyaluronic acid in our lip fillers to naturally plump lips using a no needle method - the Hyaluron Pen.

This is too good to be true!  How does it work you ask?

The pen uses mechanical pressure to push the product into the skin through a tiny hole, thinner than the diameter of the needle used for lip injection fillers.

With our Lip Fillers, this means there are:

  • Less risks like there are with injections such as lip infections, peripheral nerve damage or worse vein rupture.
  • More natural results because the hyaluronic acid is dispersed more evenly under the skin rather than in localised areas that can create lumps under the skin with injectable fillers
  • Instant results because there is minimal swelling, unlike injections, which can cause 30% more swelling for a number of weeks before you can see the lips you will be left with. And the process is completely pain free.

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Would you like to remove you wrinkles?

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Do you want bigger lips?

Bigger lips naturally is expected to be trending this years as we enter a realm where we celebrate natural beauty.  But for those longing for fuller lips because the lips you’ve been blessed with are shallow and thin, we have the answer.  This is an alternative to lip injections, this is no needle lip fillers, this is lip enhancement with all the glory and less of the risks.

We want all our clients to leave with bigger lips naturally, that look fuller and plump in the most natural way possible.  Lip enhancement doesn’t need to look fake, and they no longer have to with this revolutionary new technique.

You have the flexibility to add 0.5ml volume for a subtle natural enhancement, 1ml for a more obvious but still very natural look, or a maximum of 2ml** for a dramatic result.

The lip filler product we used is called Hyalax which are manufactured in Germany.  You have utmost peace of mind that the ingredients used are the highest grade and have undergone strenuous testing to comply with EU regulations.

** 2ml of lip filler cannot be used on your first treatment.

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