COVID-19 Guidelines when visiting Luxe Visage

Laura has achieved a certificate in Barbicide Covid-19 Health and Safety to offer peace of mind to her clients that she is taking all the necessary precautions to keep you safe upon your visit.

According to Government guidelines for the beauty industry we have had to put some procedures in place when booking your appointment, during your treatments and in between each client. It is therefore important to read, understand and cooperate with the following procedures.  If the following procedures are not followed it could result in having your appointment cancelled and rescheduled.

Booking Appointments:

We will no longer be able to accept walk in appointments, but please don’t hesitate to contact us on the day to see if there is any availability.  We do on occasions have last minute cancellations and Laura will be happy to fit you in where she can.

A client consultation and pre-health check will be emailed prior to your appointment, please complete and forward back before attending.  This is to ensure that if you are experiencing any adverse symptoms we can respond accordingly and reschedule your appointment for two weeks later.  Symptoms include a continuous cough, high temperature, loss of smell, loss of taste. 

Your Appointment:

  • You must attend your appointment with a mask.  If you attend without a mask, one can be provided at a cost of £1 which is payable before your treatment begins. 
  • Laura will be wearing a mask during your treatment, and washing and sanitising her hands between clients.  With both client and therapist wearing masks it lowers the risk significantly, it’s just the science, and it won’t be forever.  Let’s help prevent the spread together.
  • If Laura notices any symptoms, please don’t be offended if you are asked about it.  If Laura thinks it is best to postpone your appointment, please be understanding and cooperate.
  • Upon arrival to your appointment you will be asked to wash your hands.  When you are seated, you will be ask to use the hand sanitiser provided on the table. 
  • All tools and equipment is disinfected and sanitised between clients.  You will notice Laura will spray her tools prior to use, this is an extra precaution. 
  • All surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial solution before your arrival and when you leave, including the sneeze guard that is between you and Laura.
  • Please attend your appointment alone, we cannot facilitate children or adults who accompany you.
  • Laura will be in full PPE which will be disposed of between each client.
  • One use tools/materials will be disposed of responsibly after each client.  Reusable tools and equipment and disinfected and sanitised in between each client and are washed in antibacterial detergent at the end of each day.


All payments will be taken electronically where possible.  Payment will be taken upon booking.  Contactless card payment facilities are available on the day, or bank transfer is accepted.  If cash option if your preferred method of payment, please notify prior to your appointment.  Change will not be available so please bring the correct amount.